Are you stuck with a WordPress problem?

Most things can be fixed by following these steps:

  1. See if you have any open updates on your plug ins or theme to do (top bar, left side), updates will often resolve small issues automatically. Make sure you have an up to date back up though, just in case – a host like GreenGeeks will take those for you automatically.
  2. Try deactivating any plug ins that might cause a conflict with other plug ins or your theme. You can then re-activate them one by one and see if a specific one has caused the problem. Sometimes if you use two plug ins that do similar things this can cause problems.
  3. If you have a premium theme, contact the support. Most likely there will be a forum in which you can search for answers as well, which means you don’t even have to wait for a response.
  4. Ask for support from your host, they are often wonderfully helpful and in the worst case scenario can help you restore a backup. They are also able to easily update your PHP environment or check on any broken our outdated themes. If you cannot log into your site at all contacting your host is always your first step – in most cases letting you back in is an easy fix.
  5. Google the problem and check Youtube – okay, this sounds like total common sense, but we often forget about this. If you’re a visual learner Youtube is a great place to learn more about WordPress.
  6. Search the WordPress support forum – this can feel a bit overwhelming, but if you know what you are looking for, then it can be really helpful.

…I hope one of these steps has solved your problem!


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