Launches are beautiful, nerve-wrecking, exciting times for entrepreneurs and they often bring up a lot of *stuff* around worthiness, time management, expectations, money, relationships… Truth be told I have delayed launching my own forthcoming web design and branding courses more than once for lack of courage and clarity. 

I had a great call with Lizzy this week which reminded me of why I am doing this and how important it is to just give it my best try, even if its not perfect. I had been meaning to record an audio version of the Create the Future self-care course I used to run in Brighton for a few years, but it just…kind of never happened. I am very lucky to have been fully booked since last autumn, so client work has always come first. Like many of us, I am finding it hard to make time to work ON my business rather than just IN my business.

But this Friday I had an amazing energy healing session and blocked the day after to write on my book. Turns out the universe had other plans for me and I ended up feeling energised and excited in a way that I haven’t been feeling in ages. I recorded for a few hours, then made a sales page, set up the tech stuff in Ontraport, send out some newsletters, created social media posts and that was it! The course is free today and so far more than 80 people have signed up which I am beyond thrilled about.

Here is what I’ve learned: 

  • Pushing yourself to create something and offering it for free creates a massive win-win situation because you are teaching yourself a lesson in letting go of perfection AND you are making some people happy
  • Investing in better systems like Ontraport has been totally worth it because it safes me time to focus on being creative
  • Launching is, to a great extend, more about having the right mindset than about having a budget, software or a big list

Here is where I compromised to make it happen:

  • I didn’t have anyone spellcheck my copy & the workbook. Being a non-native speaker, I am pretty sure there are some awkward typos. Whatever!
  • I didn’t have any lead up time to get people excited for the launch
  • I didn’t sleep very much Friday night




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