For many small businesses things really slow down over the summer. Even though people always need new websites (yay) I do feel the summer is a great time to do some ground work, take it a little bit easier and make space for new creativity. Here are my best tips to help you make the most of the season: 

  1. Consciously take time to rest 

You don`t need to plan a big holiday if you don`t want to or simply can`t right now, but its important to be mindful of your energy levels and to plan ahead a little. I know that if I just keep going till I absolutely have to take a break, I feel guilty and time poor. Grab your calendar and make a plan, then commit to your days off and enjoy some sunshine so that things don`t get blurry and weird.

  1. Support causes you care about

When you find yourself with gaps in your booking calendar and can afford to compromise a little, it might be a great time to offer some reductions or donation based products and services. I advertised a website package with more than 50% off an am giving the proceeds to a queer summer camp I am organizing – it enables someone to get a much cheaper website and funds something I care about while I am giving time that might not have been booked up in the summer holidays anyway, so yay!

  1. Up your PR & content game

If you have spare time, use it wisely to create content for the rest of the year. Make connections for interviews, reach out to offer guest blog posts, write your own content or create podcasts – you will be glad you did when things start to pick up again.

  1. Do some groundwork for your business

Is your book keeping flawless? Did you always mean to declutter your digital folders or your desk drawers? What are your financial goals for the rest of the year? How do you want your business to grow? When you look at your ideas and plans for the year, are you now halfway there? If not, how can you get more support and adjust your stragey? Is now a good time to do that online course you always meant to do or to read some business books that might be helpful?

  1. Prepare for autumn and winter

Making space for new clients tells the universe you’re ready to grow. You want to be ready when the wind catches your sail! I am committing to upgrading my structures and systems this summer – I want a better client onboarding process, better systems for post-project support and I want to grow my team before it becomes a matter of urgency to have more support.


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