Building an engaged, solid newsletter list is one of the biggest goals for most of my clients, which makes total sense. The ins and outs are obviously a hot topic amongst entrepreneurs, especially around the frequency of emails being sent. I think just as important as consistency and the right software (you can learn more about what I am using here) is a great nurture sequence, so let’s chat about that!

Here are some common/sensible goals for your nurture sequence: 

  • Introducing yourself and your work
  • Making it clear what you are offering and how people can work with you
  • Announcing any special offers you may want to make
  • Guiding people towards your most popular free content
  • Thanking new subscribers for inviting you into your inbox
  • Letting folks know what to expect from your newsletter

…seems like a lot, hey? But it can totally be done and it’s really worth thinking this through. A sign up is something really special and valuable – that person is saying they want to hear from you regularly and that they love your work!

Special offers are another thing you might want to consider. I personally don’t believe in scarcity or fear-based marketing at all, but it can be nice to invite people to make use of a discount shortly after signing up and to give an incentive for people who make a move. I know for myself that it has at times been good for me to have to make a decision (without being pushed or bombarded obviously!).

Here is what I do in my welcome sequence: 

  • The first email goes out right away – it contains a really warm welcome, some notes on what expect, info on how to work with me and of course the promised freebie (like my free DIY web design and branding taster course for example).
  • The next email goes out three days later – in this one I am touching base on wether people had a chance to look at the free course and ask if they have any questions. I also invite them to my free Facebook group so they can get support there and I am sending them links to popular blog posts that might also be helpful to them. Finally, they get a discount code for my courses and the chance to work with me 1:1 at a reduced rate.
  • The last email goes out seven days after the sign up – its a reminder of all the download links and the discount codes they might want to use, short and sweet.

…that’s it. After that, people hear from me about once a month which feels good to me, but I might rethink that in the future.

I hope this helped you on your journey!




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