I always think its interesting to see what other people are doing to organise themselves, automate their processes and make their lives easier, so I wanted to share what tools I am currently using and how they compare to my set up at the beginning. I totally believe you can shoestring it while starting out (and I wrote about more free tools here), but I also believe in spending some cash on comfort and ease!


Website – WordPress with the Divi theme, 69 USD/year

Newsletters – Mailchimp, free

Scheduling – manual via email, free

Storage and back ups – Dropbox, free

Design – Canva, free version

Videos – Youtube, free

Client Calls – Skype, free

Intake forms – Typeform, free

Hosting: Hostgator, 2,78 USD/month

Monthly total: 14,28 USD


Website – WordPress with the Divi theme, 69 USD/year

Newsletters – ConvertKit, 29 USD/month

Online courses – Teachable, 39 USD/month

Storage and back ups – Dropbox premium, 9,95 USD/month

Design – Canva for work, 9,95 USD/month

Intake forms – Typeform, free

Client Calls – Skype, free

Social media cross-posting – IFTTT, free

instagram links – linktree, free

Scheduling – still manual because I am into that!

Hosting – Green Geeks, 3,95 USD/month

Podcast – Soundcloud premium, 9,95 USD/month

Automations – Zapier, 20 USD/month

Monthly total: 127,55 USD

*some of these links are affiliate links <3

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