Summer last year was a bit of a dip for my business – it felt hard to sign on larger projects and my income as well as my confidence took a hit. This year I really wanted to start preparing early, be proactive and make sure that anxiety wont get the best of me. There are plenty of people who need a new website, hand holding or whatever it is that you are offering in the summer, we just have to find them.

But just in case you find yourself having some unexpected downtime I wanted to write a list of things I am doing or planning to do to ease the admin load, work on the long-term strategy and make passive income magic happen!

1 Get on top of your systems and admin to safe time during busier periods.

Do you have a great client onboarding process in place or are you wasting time answering the same questions over and over again? Are you keeping track of your projects with a system like Asana or Trello? Do you feel comfortable with your to-do list or do things often get forgotten? Is there anything you could put in place to feel more relaxed, clear and organised? I recently brought several to-do lists together, decluttered my digital files, created a better back up system and archived older projects on an external hard drive – felt amazing!

2. Optimise your site for search engines 

I will happily admit that this might not be the most exciting task, but its a super useful thing to do that can bring a ton of traffic to your site. If it feels daunting and you´re new to this, I would recommend the following steps as a start: Use the moz SEO tool to research a small list of keywords that you want to target in your business and make a list for future reference. Next, go into your blog archive and tag old blog posts accordingly, then add alt tags to your images. I would also recommend to install the Yoast SEO plug in and to edit your meta data, there is good guidance on this here.

3. Work on your opt in and check that people can find it easily

Are you offering something beautiful, useful and valuable for people who invite you into their inbox? If not now is the time to work on that. You don`t have to re-invent the wheel, but maybe you can put together a beautiful pdf with your most popular blog posts or you can record a mini audio course on something you really care about. And then of course you want to make sure people know about it – I recommend opt ins above the fold on your homepage, underneath every blog post and as a clickable link on all your social media channels ( is awesome if you want to have multiple links on instagram).

4. Check on your branding and make sure its consistent 

Does your branding still feel fresh, exciting and authentic? If not then maybe now is a great time to work on that. My free DIY web design and branding kit gives you some cool tools and teaches you how to create a branding mood board that you can use to create graphics. Once you love what you have put together its time to check that you are using your unique colours, fonts and graphics everywhere you are – check your email signature, your social media header and graphics, your G+ profile etc etc etc. You will be so happy this is all in place when your busy with client work and this stuff is super low on your list!

5. Finally work on your digital products

I am the queen of procrastinating this one and it feels so good to finally do it. Last week I re-shot and updated ALL my online courses. It was a ton of work, but I feel much prouder about them now and I am excited to experiment with new ways of promoting them this summer. As you may recall I switched to Teachable last year and found that it makes creating content and delivering it in an easy and beautiful way SO MUCH easier.

6. Clear out your newsletter list and check on your nurture sequence

Do people receive a beautiful email sequence with valuable stuff and kind follow ups when they sign up? If not that`s something cool to look into. I recommend sharing your most popular blog posts, offering advice and inviting people to email you questions, directing them to your social media presence and letting them know how they can work with you (more about this here). If you have been building your list for a while it might be a great time to look into the details – are there people who haven`t opened your newsletters for more than a year who could be deleted? Might there be a better way to segment your contacts?

7. Work through all the courses and freebies you have signed up for 

Shiny object syndrome is a problem for many entrepreneurs – if you know what I am talking about I recommend to sit down and make a list of every course, pdf and freebie you have ever signed up for and to then order them by relevance to your current goals. Once this is done you can work from the top and give yourself time to reflect on and actually implement what you have learned (the often forgotten magic key!).

…these bits and bobs should keep you busy and motivated for a while 🙂

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