As you might have seen/heard I left social media, which is kind of a wild decision for a small business owner to make. The pressure to put shiny, bite sized content out there regularly to beat the algorithm is huge, but I am ready to see what else is out there!

In this solo episode I am sharing the reasons for my decision, what I have observed over the years, what I am planning to grow my business instead of being on social media and what it all feels like.

I would love to hear what you think – are you enjoying your social media life? How much time are you spending on your phone? What would you miss if you left?

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Hey, everyone, my name is Yarrow and you’re listening to the DIY business podcast. I’m really glad you’re here because this episode is very close to my heart. It’s a solo one. And I’ll be talking about why I’ve left social media and what I’m doing instead to let my business thrive. I know a lot of you are struggling with this constant pressure to perform and deposed regularly, and you’re wanting to explore different ways of doing things. So I am not going to convince you to leave social media if you don’t want to. But I really hope that this episode is going to give you a little bit of food for thought about how how you spend your time and attention, energy in your business. And even if being on social media is right for you right now, which is really my lobby, then maybe that you will be more intentional with how you using the different apps. That’s kind of my hope for today. And then as a side note, I also have time and space to build another website, this items if you’re interested in that, or Integra design support for me, which you can book hourly, or in business mentoring, let me know, I’m going to link to my offerings in the show notes. And you’re super Welcome to book a free fair call, in which we can get to know each other and see if the fit. But now, yeah, talking about what I’m here to talk about leaving social media. So I started kind of thinking and dreaming about this, I think more than a year ago, I was saying to my friend, Daddy’s people and an older generation of running small businesses, that seemed to be okay, and have built really beautiful, meaningful businesses without being on social media, because that was just not a thing when they started this, and I also was looking back at the past two years, and in my fifth year business now. And I’ve really noticed how much things had changed. When I was first starting out, I was mainly on facebook, facebook groups were a really big thing. I had my own group, which had been to 500 people, which was quite fun. But in the end, not really satisfying, and not really connecting me to other people. So I let that go. But then periscope came along today was also pretty big, I left rudder and Gigi and a half ago because I just noticed that this kind of very fast paced environment and a very short forum posting just wasn’t really working for what I was trying to do. And then yeah, Instagram really, really kind of became big and has become a central point in my own business. And many of the businesses that I support and have been, you know, near in some ways. And of course, that’s beautiful. You know, I’m grateful for my time on Instagram, I learned a tonne more, I got to know amazing people, I build my own business, I found my voice a little bit more than I had before. I really enjoyed sharing visuals, because I like taking pictures. And most of all, you know, most of the time, I had a good time in there. But this year, I was also I mean, not just as he actually for quite some time, I’ve also just been in this experience of like feeling really busy. And feeling like I had to really struggle to make time for the things I care about, like having deeper conversations with the people I love reading more books, writing more long post, you know, long form post writing in general, I think that being on Instagram and really make an effort to post regularly has shaped the way that I was writing and even thinking. And that shocked me in a way. I always, I was always writing since primary school and I wrote essays as a teenager became a blogger than I published a lot of poetry in my early 20s. That’s really awkward. And I used to really blog and kind of like my mid and late 20s. And when I started the business, I picked up podcasting, which you know, I really love. And I love having conversations with other people. But my writing kind of mainly just focused on my Instagram posts. And there’s a limit in that there’s a limit to how much we can say. And I felt that there was a lot of pressure to only show these very created shiny aspects of my life. And there was also a lot of pressure to be consistent. And I think the truth is that creative expression is cyclical, really like anything else in life. And that I needed breaks away from the platform to kind of replenish my thinking and my expression.
And that was tricky to do because, you know, there’s an algorithm and I had built up a certain following and there was an expert Peyton that I would provide more content every day, or at least every week. And then this year, I started using an app called zenscreen. And I noticed that on average, I was spending 10 hours on Instagram. And that’s really just being present on the platform that’s not including content, because I had both extra time to write that out and schedule it in my calendar. And that’s still something I really recommend doing. If you want to be on Instagram, it’s sometimes wise to write younger post through something like later calm and as a free version for that. So I was doing that. But still, I was falling on my feed engaging, you know, answering questions and my DMS for 10 hours a week, that’s so much time. And I got really worried about my attention span, as well as my mental health. So, you know, we know now that every time we pick up our phone, to just take something or you know, like, see what notifications we got was so pulled away from the thing that we’re presently working on. And there’s something that over time, I think, has really kind of lowered my ability to be present with anything. Because there was always the promise of this kind of dopamine hit by picking up a phone and see how many legs I got. I listened to the bird listening hotlist listen to the bird had to break out with your phone. But Catherine prays, and I really like that I felt like it was a really cool, very accessible overview of current research on mental health and phone use. And it just kind of shook me up in a way. And then I kind of held the thought a little bit more, could I really use social media? What would that mean? What am I getting from social media right now that maybe I could be getting in other places. And then, in August, in the beginning of August, I was just like, Okay, let’s do it. Let’s, let’s just see what happens. And I want to be honest here and say that this is a privilege in a way, I have built my business, to a point where I am able to do this without completely being forgotten, because I have two podcasts, and my newsletter list, and lots of other ways in which I can get in touch with people. And I’ve heard really beautiful relationships and a community around my business. So I felt able to do this in the beginning of felt really wild and ridiculous. And I was an am so worried about forgotten some times. But I’m also really excited about all of this headspace and time and energy that I were cramming for myself. And I have so many ideas for where I want to spend that energy instead. So really, I want to create more long form content, I want to interview more people for this podcast and my other one called Daydream goals. I want to build my community, and I want to blog more, and maybe also make longer videos and how to guides for different things that I really love doing like setting tech software systems up and exploring better ways of running small businesses. And so yeah, I’m really excited for that. And I’m also noticing that no longer needing to crave these smaller bite size, bite sized kind of glimpses into my life shifts the way I think about myself and my business. I get to be myself more often. And I’m also noticing that I’m no longer comparing myself so much. I really want to work in my zone of genius and be in touch and in community with people but not look outside of myself for how things are meant to be or what they should look like all the time. And like I said, I really want to invest, reinvest those 10 hours more into community, being connected, and just really having conversations with people is I think that’s important at this time. I have built an existing community on mighty networks, which I really love. There’s more than
120 people in there right now. And it’s beautiful includes two courses or programmes. One is called the DI business collective, which has a 10 module course at its core. We also have monthly group coaching calls. The first one is tomorrow, monthly workshops, weekly journaling problems and quarterly business planning workshops. I really want to be present with these people because they have committed to working with me We have similar values. We’re all on a journey together. And I log into this network at any time any any day, any week day. And as always someone online and that really makes my heart sing because it’s a much more intentional community where we have gathered around a specific purpose rather than just everyone shouting stuff from the rooftops like we actually talked to each other, and that really means a tonne to me. And then the other programme is related to my other business called Data wars, which is called Wild embodiment. And that’s all about exploring self and Community Care herbalism the Tarot journaling practices, self massage and those kinds of thing in community. And it’s really, yeah, they’re really fun. And I think that’s the point, right? It’s meant to be fun, like, We’re not here to just make money, that’s important, too, that is so important, I really, really want to stress that because I’m not of the idea that we can just, you know, that everyone can just blindly follow their dreams, we can, to an extent, I think that’s really beautiful. But that kind of statement without any grounding, I think comes from a place of privilege, because we do operate under capitalism within within systems that maybe we’re not really supporting, or that we’re not in alignment where then we have to pay bills. And, and I think that’s important. But also, we have dreams and ideas and, and things that we want to express in the world. And that’s beautiful. And that brings me to one of my last point, I really want to remember that the rules are all made out braid. So I think there’s a rule that we have collectively decided upon that in order to build a small business, you have to be on social media. And, and I think it can be beautiful and really powerful and very connected to be on social media. But I don’t think that that’s actually a rule. And I’m excited to kind of explore what other ways of building and growing can look like and how they can be cyclical as well. And before I go, I want to say if you feel like there’s still value for you, and being on social media, that’s amazing. There’s no judgement here, I think you can meet amazing people. You can bring new ideas into the world, you can be part of conversations. And I think if you’re intentional with that, and if you can kind of be mindful of how you’re using your phone and how you’re relating to this hit that we’re getting when we’re getting likes and comments, then that’s awesome. And, you know, I’m cheering you on from over here. And I’m also going to keep teaching about social media, because I think it is important for many people. And it’s part of the course that I’m offering. And I think there’s nothing wrong with it. I’ve just come to a point where I’m excited to leave. And interestingly, on the day that I left last Friday, I immediately undenied rodizio. And I sent it to my newsletter last week, and lots of people really liked it hadn’t written as in, especially that quickly in a number of years. And I felt like these like creative blocks had just kind of been lifted in a way and so I’m excited for what else has to come. And I’m really grateful for you listening to this. And yeah, thank you so much for listening. Let me know what you think and how you’re feeling about social media at the moment.

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