Hey appreciated listeners,

thank you for joining me for another episode! I was really honoured to speak to Andréa Ranae for this one, she is such an inspiration when it comes to leading with integrity and bringing people into much needed, sometimes difficult conversations. Here is what we talked about:

  • Anti-oppression approaches in the coaching world
  • Inclusivity in small businesses
  • Supporting people in making a difference in their communities
  • Showing up as fully human and inviting meaningful conversation
  • Building an online business with integrity and allowing ourselves to delegate and bring in support

Andréa Ranae is a coach, facilitator and teacher who offers practical tools, resources and wisdom that support people with a vision for change to show up with integrity, own their power and practice radical service so that they can make their unique impact on the world. She’s the creator of Liberatory Leadership and Coaching as Activism, the host of her podcast A Call to Serve and the author of Love, Manifesting.



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Hey, everyone, I hope you’re having a beautiful Monday. My name is Yarrow and you’re listening to the DIY small business podcast. Thank you so much for joining me, I am bringing you a very beautiful conversation with Andrea Renee today, you might know her for her programme coaching is activism. But she’s actually doing so many other cool things in the world. She has a podcast, and a workshop series and a blog. And we spoke about all kinds of things. But in particular, we went to explore anti oppression approaches in the coaching world, which is I think, so important. And we also talked about making small businesses more inclusive and how we position ourselves kind of in this marketplace with good boundaries and very clear intentions. So I hope you enjoy that. And I hope you get to check Andrea’s work out because it’s really beautiful. And while you will make your life richer, here, and since for me, it is Monday afternoon. The leaves are really changing in Scotland. It’s so beautiful. I went for the swim on Saturday. And it was freezing cold. But I felt so alive and was really feeling like I could appraise the college season this year. And also just kind of the contraction that comes with that and just be Yeah, getting ready to wind the year down and take things a little bit slower. It is almost November now. And Scorpio season, it’s my birthday soon on the 10th, which I’m excited about. And I’m thinking about 2020 very gently, I’m not kind of into goal setting mode yet. I’m more in what has worked in 2019. What hasn’t off is good, what do I want to like go off that kind of mode, I definitely want to write my scenes, I’m really excited about running more free workshops, which I haven’t done for a little while. But if you remember last year 2018, I think I ran over 25 free workshops, which was really great fun. When I get back to that, in a way. haven’t said any dates yet. But I will run to at the end of the year, about closing in 2019 in business on a high note, whatever that means to you. And then I’m going to run a small series in January about setting ourselves up in a good intentional way. And building really good systems that will support our work because of you know, that is what I’m excited about. So like I said, there aren’t date yet dates yet, but you can get on my newsletter, and you’ll be the first to know, there’ll be free, and you can bring your friends. Otherwise, I am shifting a bit more into mentoring, which is cool. More and more people have approached me for that kind of work. And I’m excited for that. I still really love making websites. And that’s still something I really love doing. So if you want Warren, if you need tech support this year, or if he wants support around getting clear about your priorities as we shift into 2020. Or if you want a website, let me know you can book a free feeler call, we can just chat, see how that feels. And then we can take it from there. But now for today’s show. Have a beautiful day. Thank you for listening. Actually, one more thing I want to add, there are some rustling sounds in the very beginning of the interview. And I’m sorry about that that was on my end. But they’re definitely getting better. So hang in there if you like. And you should be able to really enjoy the rest of the interview. Thank you. Hey, everyone. Thank you for joining me for a beautiful conversation with Andrea Rene, I’m really excited to speak as you know, I am trying to speak more people who are building small businesses that are aligned with their values and that have a vision that feels exciting, and maybe even revolutionary in some way. So Andre is doing really cool work. I can’t remember who first recommended her to you. Anyway, it was like mine itself. And I love the work that she do. She’s doing. There’s a coaching programme called coaching as activism that I’ve been kind of sweet happening with for a year now, then, maybe that’s a German translation. That doesn’t quite work as a phrase. Anyway, what I’m what I’m trying to say they’re really excited to talk to you. Thank you so much for making time. Yeah, it’s my pleasure. I always like to ground conversations in the beginning by asking where you are in the world and what nature is like around you just so that we know, as you know, like, how is this conversation coming to be?
Okay. I’m in Chicago, Illinois, in the US and the major there’s lots of brick And it’s cool that it’s like starting to get cold outside. Which is sad for me. I always put up a protest by way of wearing flip flops until I can no longer. But yeah, it’s like it’s pretty, like clear skies today and the sun is out. But I know it’s local, though.
Yeah. So I would love to know kind of how you’re describing your work to someone, you How would you like what kind of words feel best to you right now? And how did he come to do this work.
So usually, if I if I come across somebody that like I’m, we’re, I’m assuming that they don’t know much about, like coaching or like anti oppression work or anything like that, like I usually say, I am, like I facilitate, and I coach and I write about, or to support other people that are wanting to make a difference in doing that. And then also supporting businesses that are wanting to be more inclusive, and just in general, people that are wanting to look at things like racism, and sexism, and transphobia and ableism, and classism, and all these things, and see how they’re showing up in their lives and also how they can do better for themselves and for others. Just be more humanising in their in how they show up in the world.
Yeah, that makes sense. Thank you. Can you say a bit more about how this came to be like, did you know pretty early on in life? That is what you wanted to be? Or was it like, a journey also to commit to working for yourself?
Yeah, it’s, um, I have, it feels like both like something that I have have chosen. And like been intentional about, like, creating, and it feels like something that is like, wasn’t inevitable. And that, like, I, I grew up with a coach where a dad, a dad, for coach, both were my dad has been coaching since I was like a baby. And I so I grew up. Not, like, super deeply steeped in, like, personal growth stuff, but it was like it was around and it was like something that, like, I was reading How to Win Friends and Influence People for teen girls, when I was like 10. Things like that. Um, so. And then when I got older, when I was like, 16, late teens into, like, early 20s, I I just I just dove in and started to like, really, really look at I was I was already just questioning my entire childhood. Like, why is the world the way it is? And and how can I? How can I help? How can I help others? How can they be supportive to, to the people around me that are struggling with whatever. And once I was 18 or 19, I just like went super deep into looking at, okay, how can I be the best version of myself? How can I heal? How can I grow and I had a lot of different experiences in those kinds of spaces that were, were like super helpful, super transformative, and also super unsatisfying. Because there was so much being missed in terms of looking at not just us as like individuals separate from the culture that we’re in, but looking at the culture looking at identity looking at race and gender and all of the different like social identities that we have. That wasn’t happening. And most of the spaces that I was connected to are online. And then person and. And when it would be brought up, it was like, well, like we’re working on the individual so that the individual can go out and work on that stuff and like, but you’re missing so much like right here, like the individual is this stuff. And so that’s why that’s, that’s part of why I created the programme you mentioned coaching is activism to have a space for those of us that are in like the coaching self help healing, personal growth, space. And, and also like therapy and counselling and all of that like to look at what, like how is this all connected? How is the client that I’m seeing connected to? The the systems that we’re connected to? How are they connected to our history? How, what cultural influences are making their experience, what it is right now? And also, how can I show up and lead in a way that and serve in a way that doesn’t just support the individual but also supports cultural change and happening? And yeah, and I did that, in, I created a programme in my last semester of college and just kept doing it after I graduated. And here, yeah.
That’s great. Thank you for sharing that makes a lot of sense to me. And also, if anyone wants to expand on this idea of the individual in the self development world, you have a really beautiful article on your website. I think it’s called why the self development industry isn’t changing the world Is that right? Yeah, why? Why the self help industry isn’t changing the world. Yeah, that’s a really good one. I know many people just take things in in different ways, I find it really helpful to read that. So yeah. I really love or I feel like you’re very generous with sharing your thoughts and bringing people in whether or not they can work with you directly. And I would love to know at this time in 2019, what is important to you and building community around your work or how are you approaching this?
what’s what’s super important to me right now is that like, I’m actually building relationships. That it’s not I think, in especially in like online marketing, there’s kind of this this like foe relationship building have like the know like and trust where the relationship goes one way and and it’s like the fan or the follower, or like the student is in a relationship with a teacher, but the teacher or whoever a leader, whatever, isn’t in relationship with the student, whatever. So many different words for all these things. And I there’s nothing there’s nothing wrong with that. But for me for the work that I’m doing, where it is, in essence, relational like talking about leadership, talking about oppression, talking about liberation, these are all relational topics, they do not exist if we are not in relationship with each other through like, one on one relationships group and community it relationships, our relationship to the system to institutions to culture, like it’s all relational and if I’m not building and like actively connecting with with new people connecting with people that are resonating with my work, I would What am I doing? What What am I really up to? So for me, because the relationship is so Important like, in just in, like how I show up on social media and in the email and everything I try to actively connect with and, and relate with as many people as I can’t as many people as like that, that are reaching out to me so and that’s been like a practice, it’s hard for me to do. Because it takes a lot of energy. Even just like on Instagram, if I get a DM from somebody, I’m trying to make it a practice to, like actually respond to at the very least like it. And that’s Yeah, it’s, it’s always been tough for me, but I’m getting better at it.
Yeah, that’s super relatable to me, I always, I also have been thinking about this somewhere, especially this year, like really creating the intimacy and the dialogue that goes both ways. Because that’s lighting me up as well. It’s, it feels nourishing to me to know how what I’m sharing is learning with people and how they process or work with that stuff. And also, as someone who really loves other people’s work, I’m always excited when there’s space for low connectedness rather than just passive consumption. But you’re totally right, it takes a lot of energy. And I’m such an introvert. And so I really like and yeah, creating these spaces where this is possible in a way that’s mutually respectful and boundaried. And nourishing is really big work. So
yeah, it’s a big piece to like the, the passive consumption. And I feel like in the work that I do as well, like there’s so there’s so much content. And not even, there’s not enough, but there’s a lot. And there can always be more. But there’s there is a culture within the groups of people that are interested in social justice, social change. dismantling the patriarchy and white supremacy and all of that. There’s this culture of just like, absorbing information and more and more information, but there is very minimal, relating around that, that information. There’s very minimal, like exploration of like, well, what, like, you like this, like, I’ve started to, like, if somebody responds to an Instagram story, or like an email or whatever, I started to, like, ask them, like, well, what did you get out of it? Like you said, it’s like, this was like, really amazing. What, what was it? That was amazing. Like, I would love to hear what you got from this. Because otherwise, it’s just like, it’s just more information. It’s just like an insight, which an insight will change the world like action? Well, and understanding and shifting how you’re showing up through that understanding well, and so. Yeah, yeah, you’d be calling me generous.
You’re welcome. And I would love to hear a bit more how your relationship to social media and marketing has changed over time. So I think, well, I will talk very briefly about myself, but I don’t want to take up too much space for that. But I think that there’s been a real shift. And I wonder if you’ve seen that to where I started this business five years ago, and there was so many trends at time, like there was Facebook groups were really big. And then I remember it, I think, was it called Periscope, where you will live on this Twitter thing. I was so anxious about it, I made myself tortured myself. And if I did it once, and I was like, Oh my god, that’s so not my platform. And kind of like having lived through several cycles of these different trends. Now, I feel a lot more grounded and what I can do and what I have to offer and what I can’t offer, and what feels feels like the one kind of, you know, way to spend my energy. But it’s it’s been a real process because I didn’t have anyone in my family who had worked for themselves. I didn’t know anyone who was doing this. So I was really, especially in the beginning, super keen and looking towards other people to see how they did it and tried to copy as best as I could. And it took me a while to gain the confidence to be like, Oh, actually, this feels shared and there must be a better way and and I’m kind of reaching into the darkness into what I’m hoping for even died, if even if I don’t really know exactly what that could look like yet. What would love to hear more about what that’s been like for you. You’re
the era of Facebook groups in periscope Wow. And it was a very short one. So I, I, like started to really dive into, like, the online business world around like five or six years ago. And and yeah, at first it was like, I’m just like, I just want to see, like, what everything is and I just like, let me just like, tap into all the different like kinds of, of, like ways that you can like market and I was I was I listened to so many podcasts about marketing and business and sign up for so many webinars, challenges and, like, so many different things, but just like gathering a tonne of information and that tends to be how I work like, and when something is new to me, I just like I like dive all the way in. And like engulf myself in it. And then I have to like pull myself out for air and be like, okay, I can’t do all of these things. I can’t keep going at this rate or like, like, being engulfed in this is not sustainable. What, how do I want to, like move forward and with social media, it’s it’s shifted and changed. And I’ve done a lot of like experimentation to see like, what feels good. And I think like, before a while, we’re really like the growth of coachings activism was mostly done through Facebook. And like that article, why self help industries and changing the world that like, wet kinda like a little tiny bit viral on Facebook. And that in that like sparked everything for coaching is activism because it introduced me to so many amazing people. But I was on Facebook for a while. And that was like my main source of output. My main place where I was like, showing up and like sharing my thoughts and content and, and all of that. And yeah, and like, it wasn’t super, like I had joined a lot of Facebook groups, but I was over real quick. And I was in a few like key Facebook groups, and both of them blew up in a way because of the the topics and the the way that it was managed. It’s really hard to have anti oppressive liberatory conversations over in a Facebook group. It’s really, really difficult. Especially if you don’t have the right support for that.
So I was on Facebook. And at a certain point I got I was like
I started to show up more on Instagram. And I just and I think showing up more on Instagram Stories especially I’m not a huge fan of posting on Instagram, but I’ll do it because that’s what
you got to do
to keep yourself relevant sometimes. But I just love I love I love being one on video. And two I love like being live or like more so in the moment with people then like I’m not I’ve never been a huge fan of like blogging and Instagram is kind of like micro micro blogging and with the posts at least and I’m just never been super into it because it’s so it can be so static. But the like Instagram stories and if I liked Facebook more I would do like a lot more Facebook Lives.
yeah, having that, that space has has been really cool. I just I think my relationship with social media has. I’ve never felt like addicted or like felt like, I have to see what’s happening though. I turned off all my notifications for social media A while ago, and that changed my life. Just to like, get away from the constant, like notification of like something’s happening. And because it just like takes my attention away from whatever else I’m doing. So I don’t know if I’m answering your question. No.
I think it’s, it’s kind of wind it for most of us as never knows absent flows and excitement and meeting boundaries and needing a break, but also loving the space and having it to share. Love. So yeah. And this is a bit of a jump and topic. But I’m wondering if you’re up for talking a little bit about how you’re working with anger at the moment.
Oh, that is a big jumping topic. We can do it though. I have been working with anger. Personally, or like in my work.
I mean, whatever you feel like sharing, I just love your website with, with love, anger and wishes. celebration. I think that right? And I think that’s just so important. Well, anyway, I know what you’re talking about that. I was just like, Yeah, really missing anger and a lot of spaces. I think talking about anger is really important. And it’s a really, yeah, it’s just a really important tool. I think that things like shame or, or guilt, or like this kind of awareness that something needs to shift in itself is not constructive, that nothing will happen from that. Well, you know, unless it is kind of as nice in some way. And I think anger is a really important ingredient in that process of recognising things. Yeah. Again, I might think this because, anyway, I think you know what I mean? So whether that’s personal or like collective or in your business, I would just love to hear what comes up for you.
Yeah, I think the way related to my work that I mean, it’s all related. But I, generally when I like, I have to be in relationship with my anger, in order for me to like sustainably show up with the work that I’m doing because they’re when I’m like looking at all of the different that like the the subtle intricacies of the ways in which we dehumanise each other, and we devalue ourselves and each other and, and dismiss in this regard. And in all of those things. There like there is anger. And not necessarily at anyone in particular, but just at like the reality that that it’s it’s here and that it’s been cultivated. These ways of being are not new, we didn’t just start doing doing these things and behaving and relating with each other in this way. It’s been something that has been cultivated over hundreds and 1000s of years and and it’s enraging that like people are dealing with it and having to navigate it and that people are dying and we’re in pain or near death or whatever, because of these various systems and institutions and all that. So I gotta be pissed off about that on a daily basis like I have like I am because I am aware and I have to like allow that to exist like I I am not able to fully show up at 100% 90 80% if I don’t have I’m not connected to my anger. So that’s that’s kind of like what I mean by like, the, the work or like the website or whatever is powered by
love anger and vision. Yeah, that’s lucid. And, and yeah, and that anger comes from love because I want
I love, I love everyone. And I love this planet and I love like, all that lives and I want each of us to have the experience of life that we desire. And to not be in suffering to not be in unnecessary pain. So that’s one thing. And then for me, personally, and it’s connected to work, what I’m the way that I’m working with anger right now is really tied to honouring my standards, and requirements, and wants and desires. And getting to a place of, I just I, I grew up and up until, like, very recently, like, I, what I wanted was not even on the table, like even thinking about, like, this is what I want, just on a daily basis, like I can think about it big picture, like I can think I could think when I was looking at what I would do after high school, like I could think about what I wanted there, but I’m just like, in relationship with friends and family and it it’s not, it hasn’t been something super easy for me to access, my want my desire for me to give space to and allowed to exist. And I have been getting to a place of more anger, more like upset and more like, no. Around my wants and desires and standards and requirements. And all of that just really like just for how I would want to live my life how I want my the space that I live in to feel how like what kind of relationships I want to be a part of. Because I realised that I’ve like bypassed so much of what I want what I need. What helps me thrive. I. So I’ve gotten to a point of like, what are you doing, Andrea? Like, no, this isn’t going to work anymore? Absolutely not. And that’s been fun.
It feels nice to just be in the space of someone who is not plays and feels Me too. And it reminds me that that’s something I really want to revisit for myself as well. Yeah. So I’m wondering, maybe this is a very abstract question, but you can take it anywhere you like, like, what are you excited about at the moment and sometimes, and just really deep gratitude of the tools and the software and the ways of connecting we have now and the people that we get to work with when I think about my life 10 years ago when I was employment and employment deeply unhappy and really unable to hold on this job really just like blackening, like you said that access to even knowing what I wanted and need it. I feel so excited about so many things that I know in my life and that I know are possible at the same time. Yeah, like you said there’s also this anger and awareness and the desire for things to be different. And I’m wondering, yeah, I really don’t have any idea specifically about which area in your life I’m asking about. But I’m just wondering what you’re excited about at the moment. There’s so much I was actually I was having like a bit of a like a love fest for my apartment last night. I way too late o’clock. With my my roommate slash cousin. Slash best friend slash brother. He, he and I have been living here for like a year, almost two years. And I was just I was just looking around as like I really love this place. We love this apartment. I’m like, I’m so grateful. And I realised like I’m in a constant state of gratitude for this place, like, not all the time, but it’s pretty, like it’s pretty constant. Because it just has so much of what makes the space feel good for me. And I’m just really excited that I was able to find this place is a gem. So that’s one thing and I, I am excited about, in general, for myself, the ways that I am growing, and the different decisions that I’m making, due to my inner part of my growth especially around like, my work, and my like, intimate close relationships with friends and romantic interests and and everything I think, like I’ve I’ve just started to, in terms of relationships started to take more responsibility for the kinds of relationships that I want the kinds of like, just like best friendships that I want. And, and really go after that, which is so fun and bring so much joy and love into my life. And, and then in terms of work, I am, I have opened myself up more to being a lot more visible. And I’m actively like shifting things that I’m doing ways that I’m showing up to support that. And that’s been something that I’ve struggled with my entire life is like, knowing that often when I speak, people listen, and not wanting that power, not wanting that responsibility. and avoiding it and I realised that for the entire time that I have been coaching and since I started my business, I’ve been kind of like hiding, and like syphoning away my brain and like, wisdom and insights and thoughts and ideas and everything into containers that are too small for it. And that’s not okay. And it’s not sustainable. And it’s like suffocating my soul. And I have been realising a rose past year just how like much it affects me. And even though like showing up on a more visible level, like a bigger level is terrifying. That’s the thing that will like allow me to keep going. And so I got to bite the bullet. And I’m excited about it.
Yeah, me too. I’m wondering as a follow up, kind of if you have feelings, ideas about ways in which you Oh, we are being received that make being visible easier. I think that was a grammatically very questionable
question. But, like, what, what makes it easier for me to show up more?
Yeah. Yeah, in the ways maybe that your work is being received or in the spaces that you would like to be part of? Yeah,
yeah. I think it’s in one part, me taking care of myself around and having boundaries around how I engage with others, especially on social media. I and really prioritising like I put the majority of my energy and, and like brain space into spaces where I’m being paid. And not giving that time and energy to random folks that are engaging with my stuff. Not that they don’t matter. They do. But I don’t need to give my time and energy to every single person that comes across my work. Right now I have to have boundaries around it. So that’s one thing. And then in terms of how people engage with me, I part of one reason why I have started to be more intentional about responding back when people reach out is because I love that I love when people reach out and if I don’t, if I don’t respond, then it’s, it’s more likely that they won’t, like keep, like, sharing their thoughts or ideas with me. Or even just like the reactions to content and stuff. But if I do respond, then there can be like this back and forth. And for me, what, you know, my, when my, my top love language is words of affirmation, and, and I just, it’s so important to me, I want to know, when I’m putting stuff out how it’s resonating with people, how it’s how it’s sitting with people. It’s so important, I think with with my podcast, I have I have gotten, I there’s like one person that has, like, shared with me, that they they’re like, I love the podcast, I’ve listened to every episode. And I hold on to that I hold on to that person. Because, like, otherwise I’m like, Am I like, is what I’m doing actually doing anything. And with podcasts, especially like you, it’s very hard, you have to like, create some ways to have a back and forth. But yeah, I just it like that is what supports me is trying to like, like, latch on to and remember and like, put into a stockpile all the times that people respond to my work. And say that it’s like shifted something for them or that that it meant a lot or that it like, made them think about something differently or whatever. But really holding on to that
feedback folder too. I think that’s so important. Really. Um, I f f one of the last questions, I’m wondering what you’re hoping to experience or grow into in 2020.
There’s, there’s so much i. So, one thing that I’m working on right now is building a super sustainable, and like cohesive structure and team and like systems within my business. And that requires me to ask a lot more of like what I want. And it’d be really super clear about what what are the things that I that I want, how do I want things to look, how do I want things to be done and, and all of that. And I think in 2020, there’s, I’m just I’m moving more into not being the one that does everything anymore and into, like delegating and like managing. And that requires a slightly different skill set. And a lot of like patience and like humility is not the word but like a willingness to like step back. And like let things like release control. And I think there’s just more of that. Because there’s so I mean, my intent right now is to get my current business to a current to a place where It’s, it doesn’t require me to be in the weeds every single day. And I’m, I’m getting there. But part of that is because there’s another business that I am going to start sometime within the next couple of years. That is, is similar but different. And it will require a lot of my energy and time and and I want the work that’s happening on this end of the business to continue going, like I think it’s important, and I don’t want it to go away. So I need to figure out a way that it can continue. And I and I’m still a part of it. But I’m where I can step away and work on something else. So that’s what I’m, I’m looking forward to. I’m also like, yeah, I’m just more intentionally working on building my platform, bringing more people like into the work that I’m doing. I have been struggling with the prospect of writing a book for a long time. But I think I’ve made a breakthrough. So there might be one of those coming soon. I don’t know. But yeah, there’s lots of exciting things.
Yeah. Cool. That’s exciting. So anything else you would like to share? Or would you like to tell us what you’re offering currently, and where people can find you? or anything else that you feel like you want to be set? Before we go?
Yeah, well, I enjoyed this conversation. I out right now, two things that I have available, to work with me to dig into work around. Leaders job and like putting your your values and your vision out into the world through your life and your relationships and your work and all of that. I have my workshop series called revolution of values. Where it’s inspired by a speech that Martin Luther King did a year before he was assassinated. It is a space where each month not exactly every month, but most months in the year, we’re digging into a specific value. And looking at, okay, how how do you hold this value? What What does this value mean to you? Because values are not something that we values are something that we take for granted. And we think that like other people understand the same way that we do, but if we value love, every single person has a different understanding of what that means and how that looks. So which is fine, like and beautiful and wonderful. And that’s great, actually. But like, let’s look at it. What does that mean for you? What is the specific values that you hold? What does that mean for you? How do you want to put that into practice? What are some of the beliefs and ways of being that are getting in the way of you really living that value the way that you hold it? And, yeah, and how can you show up more with what you’re holding inside of you. And so that’s one thing, revolution values. And then also, I have my programme at liberatory leadership, which is, I think, only open twice a year. For for new people. But applications are generally always open. And that’s a space for just to go deeper into that work that was happening in the revolution of values. But looking at how you show up with integrity, how do you fully own and use the power that you have, and how you like serve in radical ways. And bring all that you have all that you are to how you’re showing up in the world and actively work to dismantle cultures and create new cultures and ways Being that better support the values that you hold the vision that you have liberation, and so on and so forth justice. So those are the two. Those are the two big things that I have available. And then I also have my podcast to call to serve. as well.
Yeah. And you’re on Instagram, right? I am. Andrea, Renee J. Cool, unwilling to everything in the show notes as well. Daria, thank you so so much. It was really beautiful to talk to you. I’m grateful for your time and for what you said and I’m excited to share this with everyone. Thank you. Thank you.

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