Hey dreamers,

happy new year! This is a short and sweet solo episodes with some updates on business dreams for 2021. I shared:

  • That I broke my leg and will be in a cast for 4-6 months
  • What this means for my business, what I am hoping to learn and how it’s changed the way I think about priorities and sustainability
  • An invitation for all of us to celebrate the ground work that is already done before we rush into new year’s resolutions
  • Thoughts on making the most of this season by resting and dreaming intentionally
  • An invitation to join the Embodied Business Community here: httpss://pinkwellstudio.com/diy-business-school/

Enjoy <3



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Hey, everyone, my name is Yarrow and you’re listening to the DIY small business podcast. Hi, wow, it’s been a moment. I’m gonna share why I took an unexpected break in a moment. But yeah, just wanted to say Hey, welcome back, and welcome to this new year. Really glad you’re still with me. And I’m excited to see what this year will bring for all of us. And for this podcast. I have many more ideas up my sleeve, but but we’ll get to that and time, not just yet. I’m really sorry if the sound quality of this particular episode isn’t so great. That’s because I’m sitting in bed recording just with my computer. And I couldn’t get to my microphone. But I’m also happy to say that I have heard the wonderful Emily Crosby to help me with podcasting, tech will start with my other podcast they do involves, which you might enjoy as well. And we’ll just kind of see how we can improve the sound quality for each episode. And also do some background tech work together that hopefully will make the whole thing more exciting. And yeah, I’ll said, I will say more about that process when when it’s more towards completion, because I know some of you are podcasting as well or thinking about starting a podcast. So that might be interesting to explore together. But anyway, today, I just want to give you a few updates I want to share about where I’m at in my business and planning the year and riding the waves of this new year’s resolutions energy with as much grace and arrest as possible. And I’ll also say that the embodied business committee is open with three more spots being available, and say a little bit more about that as well. So first, my update is that I broke my leg in a really wild way. I know this is going to be funny one day right now it’s still too painful to be funny. But basically our New Year’s Eve is going to be home alone us we’re feeling really content, I had already had almost two weeks off because I planned a longer winter break this year. And I was kind of in the space of like, Well, you know, the pandemic really sucks. Obviously. I miss friends I miss casual cuddles, I miss my family. But I was kind of in this like kakuni space of reading lots and being off Instagram and just kind of not rushing into the new year but taking it easy and I was feeling quite okay about things. And then a New Year’s Eve I wanted to audit takeaway didn’t feel like cooking. And there was lots of eyes outside, you know where the story is going. I opened my door and literally just one step out of my door. Don’t do that kids are dangerous. And I slipped on black eyes, and I broke my leg in such a weird way. Like I was brought to hospital Dean ears first. It was a bit of a nightmare. Not gonna lie because of the pandemic and everyone you know, everyone was super kind and really did the very best. But at the same time, everything is so overstretched. It’s truly heartbreaking to see that from the inside what it means for for healthcare systems to collapse, really. But again, that’s another story. And anyway, I was brought into hospital and everyone kept saying like, wow, like how did you do that just falling over. This is such a weird break. I broke both my bones and the left leg and then the ankle was affected as well. So I needed a lot of metalwork, which was hard not going to lie again.
I’m still wrapping my head around having so much metal on my body now I can feel it. It’s hurting obviously. I’ve just been. Yeah, it’s just been 10 days that I had surgery and I needed to wait nine days to have surgery in hospital. So I was in there for 110 days, which is obviously unusual for a broken leg. It’s usually not that big of a deal. But that was because my surgery kept being cancelled. And because it was just so overloaded. The hospital eventually I did have surgeries very long, took four hours to put things back together. And now I’m home and I’m really really grateful to be home. I think I’m feeling pretty well. And I’ve been there can hospital ones I have another appointment on Thursday. And it is it is exhausting and frustrating sometimes because I have two dogs and I I’ve hired people to walk them, which is mainly going really well. But obviously is costing a lot of money. I really miss my walks. We used to be out hiking every single day like rain or shine. That was something that really got me through the winter months and the lockdown and now I’m completely stuck at home which is different. And I think there’s a lot to learn here for me And I’m really open to that. And I want to embrace that, but also not bypass the frustration that I’m also feeling in the pain. That’s really real. But yeah, I do think that I have a lot to learn about patients. And yeah, really rooting down into my home, I have not been in this home for very long, but I already really, truly deeply love it so much. I bought this home last summer. And it’s my Yeah, it’s the first place you can I own I have a mortgage now. It’s very small and very sweet and simple. And that’s, that’s given me a lot of freedom, because we see it’s much more affordable than renting in terms of monthly expenses, and it’s just nice to be in my own space. And to put down roots in this way that I never have before. I have a garden now I planted like 100 spring bulbs, and they’re just coming up now. And it’s interesting, because when I was planting them, I really thought like, Oh my god, you know, like, there’s so much gardening stuff that really I’m still growing into, I don’t have a much I don’t have a tonne of experience, there’s not much I know. But I was like spring bulbs, you kind of can’t go wrong with them, like they either come up or they don’t, and they’re going to be beautiful. And I really planted them with this feeling of like, by the time they come up, I will really need them. But I had no idea how much I would really meet need them. And I think that that makes me think a lot just about how cyclical being in business is as well. And how much we do for our future selves and how it’s really kind of like this bio path of revisiting certain questions like, how do I do this? And capitalism? How do I stay true to myself and my values? How do I price my work? What do I really want to do? How do you want to spend my time and those questions, I think never fully go away. But I think with each year and each cycle that I go through these seasons, it becomes clearer and easier. And what I’m feeling really strongly right now is that I’m not reinventing the wheel, I no longer with these really big question of questions. I’m like, who even Am I in business? What do I want to do? It’s much more about refining, and simplifying and making things easier and nicer. Which is so nice to see. Because the first few years were different and harder in lots of ways. And that’s no longer true. So. So where I’m at with business planning for this year, I think is bad. I don’t want to rush into New Year’s resolutions, I think the time is not right for me. I’m so still literally, I really want to honour the decisions and the groundwork that I have already done. And in the community work that I’m doing. I’m really wanting to encourage people to do the same regardless of where you are in your business. Even if you’re just two weeks in right now, there are things that you have already done. And it’s really nice to take a moment to just appreciate yourself for doing that. And having done that already. And so an example could be in my business, for example, I have really good software systems, like I have a Patreon account, and they use mail Ed for newsletters, and have a bunch of other small things. And they’re all pretty simple. They all integrate really well meaning that as much as possible, it’s automated. And they’re also not too expensive. My software costs overall pretty low.
You know, in comparison to how many different aspects my business hat has in that and teaching courses and I have a newsletter and you know, all that kind of different stuff. And that makes me happy because I’m sitting in bed now really needing bees needing to be so intentional with my time and energy because I mainly just need to be still and heal my leg. And I’m seeing that nothing is collapsing because I have built good foundations and and that took time. I’m approaching my sixth birthday now and so my seventh year, but it’s not rocket science, you know, that stuff can be figured out. And that just yeah, that’s cool to see. And I really invite you to take a moment here at the beginning of the year before you set intention to just honour yourself for everything that you have already done that’s already in place for you, that has maybe carried you through the pandemic in some way. And even if your business has really suffered, I know that’s true for so many of us. There’s so much you know, uncertainty, anxiety, all those feelings are valid as well. But you have held on to an idea at least or a vision that you’ve had, and you’re still listening to business podcast, which means you still believe that you know, you are in business in some way. That’s really cool. So let’s celebrate that. Yeah. And I think Yeah, embargo is coming up at the beginning of February, we’re beginning to see spring spring coming through, and how can we see that in our own bodies in the way that we relate to our energy levels, to really just plan these tiny seeds right now and giving them a little bit more time and recognising that this season is still it’s cold. It’s about intentional dreaming and resting. And I know that so easy to resist, like I’ve been, you know, on some level thinking about resting for years, and that’s something I often talk about is really important to me. And it’s really important to me in the context of being an anticapitalist person. But being in hospital for 10 days, I was really noticing how much I waste energy, just resisting rest, just fiddling with my fall and trying to stay up on you know, on top of the news and organising things and voice messages and stuff, it’s hard. It’s really hard. It’s such a long process. And I’m really committed to it. And I think something that has helped me is to really ask myself what it means to be intentional with my rest of my dreaming. Because I think sometimes unintentional rest is totally fine to like, the last two weeks, I spent of time just watching crappy stuff that it was nice to switch my brain off, I think. And I didn’t feel like reading, I didn’t feel like just sleeping or looking at the ceiling or something. I wanted to do something and I wanted to be a bit distracted. And so I watch stuff. And that’s cool. But there’s also other been other periods of more intentional wrestling, where I would do like, meditations around pain relief, or falling asleep, and then having a nap. And that felt really nice. And there was just yeah, more of the sense of like, Yeah, really going into this with the intention of healing and making space when your ideas to come through that. Maybe I’ll work on in the spring or somewhere. And I think, yeah, another aspect that makes this intentional to me, I think, is also keeping track of ideas, and really keeping a journal and holding on to all these little sprinkles or like glitches that come through. And even if we don’t want to work with them right away, just noting them down, I think is telling the universe in my mind that I’m appreciating them. And I’m open to more. Yeah, that’s where I’m at. I’m gonna offer a business clarity workshop, which I usually do in at the end of January. But I just don’t feel ready right now. But it is going to come in February. And I trust the timing will be just perfect, announced that I’m here and alumni newsletter. So if you Yeah, look out for that. I’ll announce that soon. And the other news is that the MIT business community is open. We have three spots left, there’s 15. So I open the community three times a year for 15 new people. And that’s because I want to keep it intimate and not too big.
And, and most of the spots have gone to the people that have already been on the waitlist. But there’s few spots left to have a look in the link in the show notes. If you’re interested. It will open again in summer. So this is definitely not the last time that you can join. But yeah, it’s a year long programme. It includes a course at the core, which has 10 modules. And it teaches everything that I know about business and have learned over the years. And you can take that in your own time over the year, you can trigger an email sequence that kind of leads you through it week by week, if you like. And we also do a live version of the course from September to November 8 here. And then we have so many live things. I think there’s around 30 calls that live per year. So there’s really a lot that you can dip into if you want to. We have monthly tech support hours where you can come with any tech problems and or share screens and find a solution. We have themed workshops, which you can request. There’s at least one a month and we often talk about things like pricing, money accessibility, building a Patreon social media, newsletter building, all that kind of stuff. Then we have a monthly co working space which is a two hour blog in which we just quietly work together and should get shut down. That’s kind of a bit boring. And at that we’ve maybe been technically collecting and people always say like that’s really cool. And I really just do the thing and then it’s done. And we have group support sessions once a month, which really sweet and people just bring whatever is present in their business at the moment that they’re working on. And then we talk about it together. We have quarterly is planning sessions which allow us to kind of take more of a bird’s eye view and look at the bigger picture, and journal together. And then of course, there’s the network on mighty networks, which we turn about in every week. We have Monday, accountability posts in there, where you can state what you’re working on that week, and then you can see how that goes. And and then you also get a 30 minute one on one session with me to kind of get you started. And, yeah, I think the benefit of it being a year long thing is like, I always strongly felt that building a business doesn’t fit into like an eight week or so there’s just so much stuff. And it’s really hard to work through something so deep, that opens up so many questions by yourself in a short period of time. So I wanted to offer something that’s really much bigger, that has a lot of community support in it. And that allows you to also work in a cyclical way. So people definitely, you know, they sometimes step back, sometimes they have periods of much deeper engagement, where they get a lot done, and they come to cause every week and are really excited. And then and then rest, and that’s okay. And there’s always enough people for to find someone in there, who is where you are at right now and who has similar questions and wants to talk to you. And that’s important to me. The downside, of course, is that you have to take responsibility for your own experience in the programme. There’s nothing forcing you to take the programme and they’d weeks and show up to every single coil. It is up to you to kind of think about what you want to get out of it and to communicate that and to ask for what you need and what your questions and to share your journey and your wins and your struggles and to really let us celebrate you and that. So yeah, I’ll link to that in the show notes. And like I said, it also opens again in the summer. Okay, I think that’s all for now. Thank you so much for listening. Bye

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