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this is just a short & sweet episode to give you more information about the Embodied Business Community, which is now open for enrolment. I’ve been able to completely update and caption our course and there are a few more new features I have shared about in this episode. You can learn more and join us here: httpss://pinkwellstudio.com/diy-business-school/

I’m also offering a live round of the Web Design Adventure course in May, this will be great for anyone who wants to build or update a WordPress site with the support and encouragement of a community. You can learn more and join us here: httpss://pinkwellstudio.com/web-design-adventure-course/

The EBC is $360 for the year and the Web Design Course is $150, both come with payment plans.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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⋒ Hi, my name is Yarrow.

My Embodied Business podcast explores what it means to build a livelihood with integrity, joy and anti capitalist values. I offer practical guidance on tech, strategy, ethical marketing, creativity and money and interview other small business owners who do things their own way.

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Hey, everyone, my name is Yarrow and you’re listening to the embodied business podcast. This is just a quick broadcast, if you will to say that the embody business community is open, and I’m running the website adventure alive in May. So in case you don’t know, or you’re unsure, or you’re considering it, but you know, you just need a bit more information. This episode is for you. And I’ll begin with just a few updates from me, there’s not much to say, honestly, I really enjoy the increased light and sunshine and the spring energy. But I’m still home and I’m recovering quite okay from my broken leg. But I’m just making these like, tiny penguin shuffles. So that’s my world at the moment. But it also means that I had a lot of time in March at home to record the whole course for the embody business community, it’s now six rather than 10 modules. And I actually really think that less is more, because it’s easier to navigate. It’s all captioned. And I think it will really support you in integrating everything that we’re learning together. But let me take one step back and tell you what the mid business community actually is. So this is a year long community programme. It includes the six module course that I just talked about, and that really teaches you basically everything I know everything that I learned in the last six years. And it begins with your intentions and why you have started a business or what you really want to do. And goes into depth also, as to who you want to serve, and how you’re going to share your message and build your newsletter list and whether or not you actually want to be on social media, and how and how can you create your own media be that on a blog post or in a podcast, and there’s a lot of behind the scenes videos, where I’m sharing my screen with you. So yeah, there’s a bunch of technical stuff. But you also have journaling prompts that maybe touch more on the emotional elements of what it means to be an entrepreneur and what you really want from this experience. So I love the quiz. I really hope it’s helpful, I got amazing feedback from the people that have already taken that. So yeah, feeling a bit proud to relist, and I’m glad that I was able to re record and just update a little bit on what I think has changed this past year. It also has slides now and it’s captioned. So again, that makes it easier to take in, I think and hope. As part of the community, you also have access to a whole year of life, things with us. And those things are meeting greets, we have co working spaces. We have monthly themed workshops that cover everything from marketing, to launching to branding to SEO, and thereby request. So if there’s anything in the course that you want to go deeper into, I always encourage people to request that as a workshop, and then we’ll all do it together. We also have group support sessions once a month at least. And they’re a great space to just bring anything that you’re struggling with in your business right now or want feedback on. So people sometimes share their launch plans or any product that they want to develop or a stumbling block that they’ve encountered. And then we all kind of share that and try to support each other. It’s a really beautiful space, I always leave these calls feeling just uplifted and more hopeful and more motivated to integrate what we’re learning together. We also have Monday, accountability posts. So each week on a Monday, people are invited to commit to something that they want to work on that week. And we’re just witnessing each other. And I think that creates another really beautiful element of gentle group accountability that I so appreciate. I think that the embody business community is great if you want to feel less alone. And you need both technical and strategic training. But you also want to make sure that you really following through and integrating everything. And you want to be in a space with like minded people that kind of all have similar but different goals. So and what I mean by that is that I think we all share values and the kind of ways that we like to run our businesses as similar. I think most of us we really value sustainability and gentleness and honesty. But also we’re ambitious, of course, as well. We also want to grow and expand and express our creativity. But we all different work in different industries. So there’s a lot of body workers, a lot of creative people, hunt makers, you know, people who have create herbal potions, for example, or who make textile art, we have a music teacher. So it’s not so much about what field you’re in, but I think it’s more about what you value and how you want to show up in your business. So I’ll link to this in the show notes in case you want to know more. It is open at the moment till the 27th of April. We have 15 spots when they sell out. They’re sold out And it cost $360 for the year, which you can pay in instalments if you like. There’s also a bonus this year. So if you want to sign up for both the body business community and the web design quiz that I also re recorded and updated in mind, then you’re getting 30 pounds or $30 off. And there’s more information on that on the website. And again, I’m linking to that in the show notes. But basically, I recorded them web design adventure course. And that really takes you through everything you need to know to build a WordPress site. So we’re again, beginning with your intentions with your ideas, were doing some research together on what you like, and what you see as a vision for your own website. And you’re gathering all of that. And then I’m sharing my screen with you. And I read showing you step by step how you put the different pieces together and how you can make good choices about the software that you’re using. I really love this work. And I’m just excited to empower people to make their own website, if that’s what they choose to do. So this is an evergreen quiz, which means that you can take the quiz at any time, you don’t have to sign up right now, it’s always available. But if you do sign up, now you can do it live with us in May. So in May, there’ll be four Mondays, in which I’m teaching each of the classes or each of the modules of the quiz live. So you get immediate access. And you can get started right now if you want. But then in May, you’ll be able to join this group of people, we’re all working together through this course at the same time. So you get to ask questions, we can look at your ideas. And you can just go a little bit deeper. And again, make sure that you’re actually doing this thing because I know, it’s hard to stay motivated if you’re doing it completely on your own. So I wanted to offer this extra support in a way that’s affordable. At the moment, also, I am offering the branding course for free. So I have another smaller course called branding with Canva. And if you sign up for the embodied business community and the WordPress web design course, in April, you’re getting the branding course for free. And that’s a really nice primer that I think helps you to create a visual language for your business that really reflects your values and what you’re here to do. So check that out the link again, in the show notes. This is the last time I’m going to offer the embodied business community at this price. So it’s not the last time you can join it will open again probably in October, but I’m switching to opening it twice a year rather than three times a year. And they will increase the price next time. So I wanted to be upfront about that. I’m also offering 250 percent scholarships, and again more information and the application form for that or in the website. So let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much for listening.

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