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I’m sending a really lovely interview your way today! It’s always nice to listen to fellow small business owners and feel less alone with the questions and challenges the pandemic has brought up for us. Hannah was a wonderful guest and shared generously about how she came to embody a business model and a way of sharing that works for her and her aunt, with whom she runs A Handpicked Life. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Starting a new business in lockdown
  • Seeing our dreams through and listening to our bodies
  • The value of community and accountability
  • Getting to know yourself as you build your business

Hannah is an entrepreneur and freelance content creator. She is the co-founder of A Handpicked Life, a life and wellbeing coaching membership framework supporting people in staying on track to creating and living a life they love. Guiding and empowering people to find personal freedom and to create an authentic life that has meaning and purpose to them! She believes in questioning the ‘shoulds’, ‘have to’s’ and what’s expected of us in life and business and in creating our own way that’s right for us.


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