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I hope you’re not too busy as we are heading towards the solstice and that you are finding some time to rest and reflect on the year. I’m wrapping things up over here and apart from an intuitive business planning workshop I am offering on the 27th I’m getting ready to do absolutely nothing for a few weeks. Before I snuggle down I am excited to share a lovely conversation with Lian Angelino with you, here is some of what we talked about:

  • Getting to know yourself to create a business that meets your needs
  • Valuing our uniques and resisting stories of failure and weakness
  • Receiving support around our most important choices
  • Not caring about what it means to be “professional”

Lian Angelino is a career coach for women who feel unfulfilled in their careers. She helps them to crave clarity on their next steps, so that they can build a career they love.

She started her career coaching business with a mission to help women to become experts on themselves so they can thrive in both their personal and professional lives. Her mission stems from her own frustration about the fact that our educational system delivers subject matter experts on a variety of topics, ranging from world war 2 to how plants grow, but often overlooks the importance of becoming subject matter experts about ourselves: who we are, what we value and knowing our strengths, and what lights us up.

Besides coaching, she loves to philosophize and write about this rollercoaster experience we all go through called being human as well as how to navigate the bumpy rides that our career journey can be some times.


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