Hi friends,

I’m having this beautiful post breathwork morning glow, the sun is shining outside my window and I’m feeling inspired to talk about money, success, pricing & book keeping after a really good workshop we had in the Livelihood Community last night.

I’m invested in the awkward and sometimes hard work of unshaming how we relate to money and in finding the best possible compromise we can make under capitalism while holding the wildest, most radical visions for the future.

Thank you for being here with me and for listening to my thoughts. I’m sharing some actual numbers around debt and income in this episode and I’m also sharing some tools, questions and ideas that have been helpful for me.


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My Embodied Business podcast explores what it means to build a livelihood with integrity, joy and anti capitalist values. I offer practical guidance on tech, strategy, ethical marketing, creativity and money and interview other small business owners who do things their own way. 

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