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I’m so happy to get a chance to send an interview your way, something I know I haven’t done in a while. I really loved talking to Victoria Jane and our conversation reminded me of the importance of getting to know yourself in your work. We wear a lot of different hats and make hundreds of big and small decisions and I think that tools such as human design can help us think with more clarity about our strength and needs. Here is some of what we talked about:

  • Truly getting to know ourselves
  • Trusting organic cycles of creation
  • Utilising human design to better understand our strength and challenges
  • Understanding the patterns in our energy, creativity and need for rest
  • Developing self-trust to meet imposter syndrome

Victoria is a human design coach whose mission is to guide growth-oriented humans to live with less hustle and more flow. After a decade in Silicon Valley achieving everything she thought she was supposed to, Victoria was earthquaked into the harsh reality: she was burnt out and in danger of doing serious damage to her health. As she searched for how to heal not just her body, but her spirit, she discovered her design. Today, she is passionate about sharing Human Design so you can confidently live your truth.


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