This episode is an invitation to join me for a donation based workshop on ethical marketing on May 26th. I’ll share a 90min interactive workshop and then there will be optional quiet co-working time during which you can implement what you have learned and ask me absolutely anything!

Here is what I’ll share about:

– How I prepared to leave social media and found alternatives

– The three most effective ways in which I market my work

– How to create your own ethics compass to help you navigate the ever changing landscape of The Internet

You can learn more and sign up here:

Hopefully see you there!



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⋒ Hi, my name is Yarrow.

My Embodied Business podcast explores what it means to build a livelihood with integrity, joy and anti capitalist values. I offer practical guidance on tech, strategy, ethical marketing, creativity and money and interview other small business owners who do things their own way.

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Join my donation based, interactive workshop on ethical marketing on May 26th


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