Hi, I’m Yarrow.

I’m a web designer & software consultant based in Scotland.

Pink Well Studio provides eco-friendly web design & loving tech support for solopreneurs and creatives everywhere.

My story

I’m a nature loving introvert living on the East coast of Scotland. I adore timeless designs inspired by nature, finding joy in simple things and creative freedom.

Technology has been a big part of my life since I got my first computer in 1990 at age five. I’ve spent many of my teenage afternoons on MySpace, overshared on tumblr and eventually found my passion in creating beautiful and accessible online homes. Today I bring over a decade of experience in digital strategy, design, software consulting and media production to my work. 

When I started my web design studio back in 2015 I was craving a life on my own terms and wanted to work with people who share my values. After a bit of trial & error I managed to weave all the parts of myself and the things I am passionate about together into a life that makes me happy.

I’m proudly queer, disabled & neurodivergent, which I believe allows me to bring unique perspectives, creativity & resilience to my work. 

My values as web designer

& small business mentor

Kindness, honesty & mutual care

Sustainable practices that are fair to all beings, including the planet

Timeless, accessible designs that grow with your business

Goals that are aligned with our own personal values, circumstances & abilities

Livelihoods that make space for creativity, rest & pleasure

I really believe this to be true:

We all deserve working conditions that are sustainable and fair. Our creativity thrives when we feel a sense of safety, belonging and possibility.

Kinder ways of trading with each other are not just possible, but essential.

Why I love this work so much

I work with incredibly people who really care – not just about their bottom line, but also about the planet, their communities and our shared futures. 

I’ve seen time and time again that a professional website and solid systems can dramatically change the way we feel about our work.  

My clients often tell me that they are much more confident and optimistic after working with me. 

I love helping people get clear on what they really want for their work, the technologies they use and the relationships they’re building. It’s exciting to see the internet mature to a space where people with all kinds of different identities, abilities and desires can thrive and connect with each other to tackle the challenges we’re facing together. 

Qualifications & Inspiration

I have an MA in creative media from the University of Brighton and a BA Open combining social science & creative writing from the Open University. I’ve also taken trainings in celebrancy, massage, yoga and meditation facilitation, breathwork and trauma-informed care. Currently I am a student of history at the University of the Highlands & Islands.

I’m inspired by the work of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Alexis Cunningfolk, Silvia Frederici, adrienne maree brown, Joana Macy, Starhawk and many others.

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