Hi, I’m Yarrow.

I support service providers, artists & makers in building sustainable livelihoods that are aligned with their values.

Pink Well Studio is a space for live and self-study courses, vibrant community and podcast magic. 

I love exploring what it means to hold feminist, anti-capitalist, decolonial values as well as an orientation towards pleasure & rest while building a small business.

Before starting my web design studio in 2015 I had a million different jobs – I was a nanny, an HR manager, a stage assistant, an events coordinator and a management assistant, but nothing ever felt right for me. I was studying full time while working full time (I cannot recommend this!) until I had a burnout and was forced to change things radically. 

I quit my job, took less courses at university and moved to the seaside. After a lot of trial & error I managed to weave all the parts of myself and the things I am passionate about together into a life that makes me happy.

I’m proudly queer, disabled & neurodivergent, which I believe allows me to bring unique perspectives, creativity & resilience to my work. 



We all deserve working conditions that are sustainable and fair. Our creativity thrives when we feel a sense of safety, belonging and possibility. Kinder ways of trading with each other are not just possible but essential.

New year’s eve 2020 was a real wake up call for me – I was home alone and slipped on black ice right outside my door while trying to get some takeaway.

I spent the next ten days in hospital, had 18 pins placed to put my leg back together and was unable to walk for three months. 

Needless to say I was stopped in my tracks and forced to think about what I had learned from the pandemic and where I wanted to go next. I also officially ran out of fucks to give about how things are “meant to be done”.

Many things like hikes or dancing that had kept me going were stripped away, so I doubled down on my commitment to slowness, pleasure, cyclical living and joy in other ways. 

I no longer chase the shiny stuff. I left social media, got rid of my smartphone and started spending even more time playing with my dogs in my garden. I know where my zone of genius is and I allow myself to say no to everything else. Yes, I am always learning and growing, but I am no longer driven by imposter syndrome or the need to please everyone. 

I’m here to help people build creative, fair and sustainable livelihoods that make a difference in the world. 

Qualifications & Inspiration

I have an MA in creative media from the University of Brighton and a BA Open combining social science & creative writing from the Open University. I’ve also taken trainings in celebrancy, massage, yoga and meditation facilitation, breathwork and trauma-informed care. Currently I am a student of culture & heritage at the University of the Highlands & Islands. 

I’m inspired by the work of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Alexis Cunningfolk, Silvia Frederici, adrienne maree brown, Joana Macy, Starhawk and many others.

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