Business Foundations

A supportive six module course to help you gain clarity, build solid foundations & dream into the future of your livelihood.

This is where we begin.

Our dreams, hopes & intentions for 2023 deserve a beautiful container full of guidance, practical support and accountability. Business Foundations combines a pre-recorded six module course with weekly live workshops and co-working sessions to support you every step of the way.

We’ll cover mindset, finding the right business model, creating organisational structures, ethical marketing and sustainable, meaningful growth on your own terms.

What’s included

  • A six module pre-recorded course you get to keep
  • Six weeks of live workshops each Monday from 6-7pm UK time each Monday
  • Six weeks of weekly co-working Thursdays from 5-7pm UK time
  • Encouragement, support & the chance to ask me anything

Who I am & why I created this program

Hi, my name is Yarrow and I am a web designer, business mentor and tech fairy for people who want to make a difference in the world.

In the last seven years I have supported hundreds of small business owners through courses, live workshops and heartfelt 1:1 support in building successful online platforms without selling their soul or living on their phones. 

The Business Foundations program is what I wish I had when I was starting out – a transformative program with a good balance of freedom and support to help you create solid foundations for your livelihood. 

What others are saying

Yarrow was incredible to work with — professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly patient! Designing my website was something that was challenging for me to think about conceptually and Yarrow made it really easy. We talked about the elements I would want on my site and Yarrow offered many of her own creative touches, which I absolutely loved. Yarrow not only has great technical knowledge but she works from her heart, which is absolutely priceless. I now have a website that truly represents my work and me as a professional. I would highly recommend working with Yarrow!


Yarrow helped me launch my business and created a beautiful website for me! Through every step of the process, Yarrow was passionate about getting it exactly the way I wanted it and understood my vision from the very beginning, and I am totally chuffed with the results! She was also very quick in setting it up, which was very important for me. Yarrow is also very patient and approachable when it comes to teaching the technical ‘stuff’ for websites, especially with tech-phobic people like me! She has also been available for any trouble-shooting I have faced. It’s been a real pleasure working with her and I would not hesitate in recommending her!


I came to Yarrow as a shaky freelancer, with lots of ideas but little clue as to how to implement them. Not only did Yarrow prove to be an excellent digital strategist, but a natural motivator and a creative, something that added phenomenal value to my package. Yarrow is progressive in every sense of the world – her holistic approach to business and life is positive and contagious, and her ideas are specific, achievable, and effective. I felt supported, encouraged, and successful for the first time in my career, and I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to take a brave step forward of any kind.


Yarrow saw something in me that I didn’t think I had. The way that she was able to see this huge potential and immediately realise it as something that can be achieved so simply really moved me. I would not be in the same position if it wasn’t for her; people are reading my writing, people are following my blog, people are looking up to me. Yarrow knew I could get there. Even with my apathy towards Twitter and hash tags, it was easier than I thought; my Twitter handle is wherever I go, and now I’m getting new followers every day. Yarrow is always there, no matter how little my WordPress meltdown is, she is there to perk me up. Getting a pep talk from Yarrow is like getting a hit of the best and freshest coffee in the world. If you don’t like coffee, you do now.


Yarrow offers a supportive, kind business community for a small business owner at any stage. The lessons are easy to understand and relevant, and fun to go through as well. I always try to make the live calls b/c the topics are engaging and the community is nice to be with. I am grateful for this community as I launch my online business! Highly recommend.


I’m so grateful to have found this community! I appreciate Yarrow’s authenticity, guidance and support and feel inspired & empowered by the other members as we seek to live in alignment with our goals , values, and dreams.


Joining the community and working with Yarrow has been incredibly supportive and empowering to my business. I have been able to understand where i’m at in each area of starting and a business from tech stuff, social media fear to imposter syndrome! Being part of a community like allows you and your business to flower and blossom. The accountability is vital support!


I love being a part of this community and have learned so much from Yarrow and everyone in this group. I was seeking some business support that was anti-capitalist and not gross or manipulative about marketing and I found that here. I highly recommend Embodied Business Community to anyone looking for some clarity around what they’re offering and how to get it out into the world, but want to do that in a way that is intentional and unique to them. I have so much more confidence and a clearer vision of my offerings after having been a part of this community. Thank you Yarrow


Yarrow’s course has been so helpful for me starting out with a fully digital business. So far the program has provided gentle structure, a supportive environment, and loads of educational content ranging from technical topics to more emotional and somatic awareness of ourselves in our businesses. It is really helpful to be working with someone who simultaneously understands having an anti-Capitalist ethic + needing to meet one’s material needs. I enjoy how much creativity and pleasure is encouraged in our work and how that can lead to so many possibilities.


It’s unusual when you’re starting out – or even when you’ve been in busy many years – to have a supportive community of others working through the same challenges, and that’s exactly what the EBC provides. There are enough members that a good handful are likely to be in the same trade and understand its idiosyncrasies, but also lots of others in aligned trades so the sources of inspiration aren’t limited by a single, dominant perspective. At the same time it’s small enough that it feels intimate and supportive and there’s real potential to find individual buddies or small groups for peer support. Best of all, there is a broad set of shared, anticapitalist, antiracist etc values among the membership and in the gentle facilitation of the community.


A closer look at the course

Module 1 – Welcome & setting intentions

  • How to make the most out of the program
  • Setting meaningful intentions
  • How to work with my business planning tools

Module 2 – Creating sustainable & exciting offerings

  • Defining your offerings and audience
  • Creating structure, boundaries and sustainability
  • My favorite tool to make sure you get what you need

Module 3 - Spreading the word

  • Finding the right platforms & making a content plan
  • Blogging & podcasting
  • PR & building your newsletter list

Module 4 – Your foundations & software systems

  • The mindset behind truly supportive software systems
  • Tools and resources I recommend
  • Making book keeping and numbers fun

Module 5 - Launching your thing

  • Creating a unique marketing plan that is aligned with your values
  • Building a Patreon to support your work
  • Pricing, accessibility & inclusion

Module 6 – Self-care & goals for entrepreneurs

  • Working with common stumbling blocks
  • Making space for growth
  • Building resilience and holding long-term visions


Do I need a business idea to join?

Not nessecarily, the program can also help you find clarity around what you’d like to build for your future.

When does this course run?

You’ll keep access to the course and our live sessions run from January 30th – March 9th

How much time do I need to spend on the program and when are the calls?

That’s really up to you! You can work through the bite-sized, pre-recorded videos in your own time, but you will get more out of this program if you can devote at least an hour a week to the course and then show up with your questions to our calls – the themed workshops are every Monday from 6-7pm UK time and the co-working sessions are every Thursday 5-7pm UK time. 

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, I offer two spots with a 50% discount to folks of colour, people with disabilities, queers, people with working class backgrounds and other marginalised identities who could not afford the full price. You can request one here

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line at hello at yarrowdigital dot come, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note that due to the digital nature of this program I am not offering refunds, so let’s chat if you’re unsure!

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