Create & Launch

Are you excited about creating a class or a course but don’t know where to start?

Then this program can be a supportive step by step guide to get you there.

Hi, my name is Yarrow.

I’ve been teaching and facilitating groups online since 2016 and love all the ways in which the internet allows us to connect and share.   

While recovering from an accident I reimagined my courses and then developed a launch model that feels gentle yet expansive, generous yet easy to manage.

Now there are beautiful folks taking my classes to grow their businesses every month and I am making some additional income that supports more ease and spaciousness in my design work. It’s a win-win-win situation.

A closer look at what you’ll learn


Module 1: Brainstorming ideas & planning your course

  • Setting intentions
  • Building confidence in what you have to share
  • Market research & coming up with class ideas
  • Deciding on the right format, length and depth

Module 2: Producing your course

  • Preparing your materials & set up
  • Getting into the right mindset for production
  • Thinking about formats, the right hosting platform and accessibility

Module 3: Launching in a fun & doable way

  • Creating a detailed launch plan & making sure you stick to it
  • Finding effective promo ideas that are aligned with your values
  • Creating a beautiful sales page that gets people excited without overwhelming them
  • Batching your posts, newsletters & other materials for ease and flow

Module 4: Facilitation & long-term visions

  • Finding a flow in continuously sharing your offering
  • Holding a container for evergreen classes & courses without always being “on”
  • Inviting feedback and refining your work
  • Building more spaciousness into your business model

Yarrow’s Create and Launch programme was incredibly helpful for getting my evergreen courses off the ground. Yarrow has a way of creating self-study material that is so comprehensively put together and yet gentle and supportive in its approach so I never felt overwhelmed. The live sessions were cosy and energising and kept me moving towards my goals while being inspired by other people’s stories. The whole experience gave me accountability and a wealth of detailed information that are proving invaluable in my work. I’m so grateful for everything about this course.


I am sitting here in all the feels and happiness of officially finishing my online course. I’ve dabbled in making courses before, yet have never been happy with them and never really released them out into the world. Now I have a course I am SO happy with, that feels beautiful, that represents me and my work, and most importantly feels like it’s a genuinely supportive course for people. Create & Launch really helped me find the ease in creation, in doing things slowly (as I’ve sometimes been hard on myself for “how long” some things were taking), for allowing it to be well-done yet also imperfect, and to simply start small as a way to begin. It was in the little things Yarrow shared and framed within Create & Launch that really made the difference. I now feel like I have skills for life in creating courses in a fun, easful, and meaningful way. I’m so glad I joined and I highly recommend it!!

Lisa Matthews, Flower Essence Practitioner

Yarrow has such a beautiful combination of knowledge and ease that I know I am learning a lot and yet do not feel rushed. I always know I will be supported at my own pace, in my own way and also always know that her offerings are flexible enough to flow with my current place in life. I love and appreciate her approach more than words can say.


This course is a great fit for you if: 

  • You have some ideas about what you could teach, but you need some more clarity and structure to make it happen
  • You’re excited about finding generous and accessible ways of sharing what you know
  • You enjoy learning in your own time and enjoy well curated resources to make it easier


What happens when I sign up?

You’ll have instant access to the whole course for as long as you like. The live sessions run from May 9th to June 15th – themed workshops for each module are Tuesdays from 6-7pm UK and supported co-working sessions are Thursdays from 5-7pm UK (here is a timezone converter). 

Do you offer scholarships/free spots?

Yes, I offer full and partial price reductions to members of marginalised communities who can’t afford the full price due to financial hardship. You can apply here

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of the program I don't offer refunds. If you are unsure please reach out and ask me anything. 

What software are you recommending?

I’m going to cover lots of different options for video, audio and text based content in the course and be on hand in the live sessions to help you figure out what solution might work best for you. I personally use Podia and Mailerlite. 

What if I hate tech?

That’s okay, you’re not alone. In the course I am sharing my screen and showing you step by step what you can do to create your course. I have broken all aspects down into manageable tasks and you can take as much time as you like.

Join my donation based, interactive workshop on ethical marketing on May 26th


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