Voxer Mentoring

Heartfelt 1:1 support for periods of growth & transition whenever you need it

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to make? Unsure which direction is right for you or simply need some accountability to make something new happen for your business? I can help. 

Hi, I’m Yarrow.

I started my business in 2015 and have supported hundreds of small business owners through the ups and downs of building a livelihood that is sustainable, joyful and creative. 1:1 mentoring on Voxer can be great if you need technical support, a thought partner to help you navigate a transition or a bit of accountability for your next steps.

You get to pick my brain whenever you need and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader!

How it works

Voxer is an easy to use tool we will use to send voice or text messages between each other. You can use it on your computer or through an app on your phone whenever you like you need a bit of support. I will check my messages and reply up to twice per day between Monday and Thursday. There are no calls to attend or materials to work through – simply come with your questions, concerns or ideas and we’ll talk through them. If you want I can make suggestions for “homework” and we can check in how it’s going. Voxer support is great for people who enjoy audio processing, who live in different timezones or who just want support as and when they need it. 

I can support you in 

Starting a podcast

Getting clear on what you want to offer

Creating a sustainable and ethical marketing plan

Planing, producing and launching a course

Making a solid plan to leave social media

...and more

The investment & how to make the most of it

Two weeks of Voxer coaching are 250 GBP. During this time you can ask me absolutely anything and I’m happy to provide inspiration, guidance, homework ideas and loving accountability. I’ll check Voxer 2-3 times per day between Mondays and Thursdays. As a mentee you also get 30% off any of my courses.

To make the most of our time together you can have a think about what you’d like to achieve during this time (above are some ideas!). Many people find that hunkering down to focus on a project like updating their website, mapping out a new podcast or creating their first course for example works really well.

Whatever you choose to focus on to elevate your business, I’ll be here to be your biggest cheerleader!

What others are saying

Yarrow has such a beautiful combination of knowledge and ease that I know I am learning a lot and yet do not feel rushed. I always know I will be supported at my own pace, in my own way and also always know that her offerings are flexible enough to flow with my current place in life. I love and appreciate her approach more than words can say.

– Marie

Yarrow’s Create and Launch programme was incredibly helpful for getting my evergreen courses off the ground. Yarrow has a way of creating self-study material that is so comprehensively put together and yet gentle and supportive in its approach so I never felt overwhelmed. The live sessions were cosy and energising and kept me moving towards my goals while being inspired by other people’s stories. The whole experience gave me accountability and a wealth of detailed information that are proving invaluable in my work. I’m so grateful for everything about this course.


I really appreciate how down-to-earth, real and simple your approach is, it feels like a breath of fresh air -actually, like a deep, deep exhale, taking so much of the pressure of this ‘online thing’ off..I have been through most of the DIY Business Magic course, and it’s felt so nourishing and supportive, which is very different to past experiences I’ve had with business courses. I wish yours was the first course I’d taken, it would have saved me a lot of obsessing over doing things a certain way…!



Why are you offering mentoring via Voxer?

I love sending voice notes and audio processing works really well for me. It’s a great way to think stuff through, bounce ideas off one another an get questions answers as and when you need. I also appreciate that there is no need to stick to a fixed schedule or make time for yet another Zoom call – just pick up your phone and send me a voice note whenever you need me. 

What kinds of topics can we talk about?

I’m happy to support you through any kind of business growth, pivot or challenge. Some people choose to take one of my courses while receiving mentoring for extra structure and accountability, but you can always choose your own adventure. To get a better sense of my approaches you can listen to my podcast

When can we start?

Once you’ve filled in the above form I will be in touch within a few days to send you an invoice, contract and availabilities. I am usually free to work with you within 1-3 weeks, but might require more notice during busy times. 

Join us for weekly summer co-working sessions


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