Some recent projects

I made this website for CMA, who is a grief recovery specialist, as a starter website in a day. I love how the pictures, colours & fonts have come together to create a really comforting, earthy vibe that allows you to explore in your own time.

View the site here

Lizz Payne is a make up artist who wanted a really minimalist, bright & simple website that would let her images stand out and make space for larger galleries.

You can view it here.

Martha wanted a warm, spacious site that reminds you of a walk walk at the beach for her beathwork practice. It features beautiful shoreline colours with a few golden accents.

You can view it here.

Elena wanted a dynamic, fun and professional site that would speak to lawyers who want to explore other ways of being in the world. We came up with something warm and inviting that is easy to navigate. 

You can view it here

Sheree wanted an earthy, calm and nature based website for her project. We worked together to create a beautiful colour palette and layout that reflects her local landscape. 

You can view her site here.

Black Locust Gardens is a beautiful organic farm and herbal apothecary. 

We created a design based in nature with lots of warm, inviting colours, rays of sunshine and space to explore the story behind Black Locust Gardens.

You can view the site here.  

Jilna wanted a beautiful, grounded website for her bodywork practice and faciltation work that would be easy to navigate and expand and that would feel inviting and uplifting.

You can view her site here.

Travis wanted a simple, minimal website that would feature their work rather than overwhelm with too many bells & whistles. We created something pared back that is timeless and lets the work speak for itself. 

You can view the site here.

Allison Carr offers Acupuncture in Alaska through her business called Elemental Balance. She wanted a clean and calm design that’s easy to navigate and communicates what her work is about in a simple and straightfoward way.

You can view her site here.

Libby Smith offers breathwork and leadership consultations for transformative change – their business is joyful, intuitive and grounded in community. We were going for a design that reflects their dynamic and spiritually grounded approach with lots of space to feature their experience and offerings. 

You can view the site here

Elena Angel is a spiritual teacher who wanted a bright, elegant and inviting website to feature her school and services in a way that is easy to navigate. 

You can view her site here

The Washhouse Garden is an incredible community garden in Glasgow. The team wanted something bright & summery and to feature some of their stunning images boldly. 

You can view the site here.

Soma Psychotherapy is a beautiful minimalist website for my lovely repeat client Kate Kincaid. She wanted a calm, friendly and easy to navigate design.

You can view her site here.

Samantha Wallen is a poet, writer and writing mentor who supports people in writing what wants to be written. Her approach is creative, powerful and unique, so we went for a design that doesn’t shy away from darker colours with splashes of bright oranges and yellows. 

You can view her site here

What others are saying

Yarrow was incredible to work with — professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly patient! Designing my website was something that was challenging for me to think about conceptually and Yarrow made it really easy. We talked about the elements I would want on my site and Yarrow offered many of her own creative touches, which I absolutely loved. Yarrow not only has great technical knowledge but she works from her heart, which is absolutely priceless. I now have a website that truly represents my work and me as a professional. I would highly recommend working with Yarrow!

Manisha Tare,

Yarrow helped me launch my business and created a beautiful website for me! Through every step of the process, Yarrow was passionate about getting it exactly the way I wanted it and understood my vision from the very beginning, and I am totally chuffed with the results! She was also very quick in setting it up, which was very important for me. Yarrow is also very patient and approachable when it comes to teaching the technical ‘stuff’ for websites, especially with tech-phobic people like me! She has also been available for any trouble-shooting I have faced. It’s been a real pleasure working with her and I would not hesitate in recommending her!

Rose Glover,

I came to Yarrow as a shaky freelancer, with lots of ideas but little clue as to how to implement them. Not only did Yarrow prove to be an excellent digital strategist, but a natural motivator and a creative, something that added phenomenal value to my package. Yarrow is progressive in every sense of the world – her holistic approach to business and life is positive and contagious, and her ideas are specific, achievable, and effective. I felt supported, encouraged, and successful for the first time in my career, and I would recommend Sarah to anyone looking to take a brave step forward of any kind.

Jacob Bayliss

Yarrow saw something in me that I didn’t think I had. The way that she was able to see this huge potential and immediately realise it as something that can be achieved so simply really moved me. I would not be in the same position if it wasn’t for her; people are reading my writing, people are following my blog, people are looking up to me. Yarrow knew I could get there. Even with my apathy towards Twitter and hash tags, it was easier than I thought; my Twitter handle is wherever I go, and now I’m getting new followers every day. Yarrow is always there, no matter how little my WordPress meltdown is, she is there to perk me up. Getting a pep talk from Yarrow is like getting a hit of the best and freshest coffee in the world. If you don’t like coffee, you do now.

Sabah Coudrey,

My business foundations course starts live on January 30th


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