Questioning Social Media

Do you want to gain independence from social media, reclaim your time and find other ways to share your work?

Are you worried that you might break your business if you just leave instagram behind?

Then this class is for you.

Sharing your work should feel fun, generous and creative, but it can actually be really daunting and overwhelming to find the right strategy. 

Does any of this sound familiar to you? 

  • You spend more time scrolling and wondering what to post than actually sitting down and making things happen
  • You like connecting with new people and ideas but want to stop comparing yourself and your work
  • Social media feels overwhelming, ever changing and maybe not even that effective to you
  • You would like to leave, but you’re worried about loosing money 

There are other ways, we just have to be brave enough to find our own path.

Hi, I’m Yarrow.

I’ve spent years posting on instagram almost every single day, trying to beat the algorithm and seeing the world through a square lens until I realised that this was taking away from my creativity and my mental health. While I certainly had fun and met amazing people I realised that spending this much time on my phone wasn’t actually good for my business at all. 

It took me a little while to gather enough confidence, but I am so glad that I finally decided to make an exit plan, delete my accounts for good and find better ways to grow my business.

I can honestly say that I never looked back. 

In this short & sweet 50 min class I am sharing everything I learned including: 

  • How I got intentional about the time I spend online
  • What I realised when I really looked at the stats of my 6.5k instagram account
  • What I wish I had known when I was starting out and thought social media was “free” advertising for my business
  • How I made an exit plan
  • How I now approach creative collaborations as a beautiful and sustainable alternative

This class is not about converting you. If you are happy on social media, that’s great. 

But if you’re questioning if it’s all really worth it then I would love to support you in finding your own answers!

I think you’ll enjoy this class if: 

  • Being on social media feels like treading water and you’re spending too much time worrying about what to post and how to get people excited about what you have to offer
  • You watched the Social Dilemma documentary and feel worried about how social media use is affecting our creativity and attention span
  • You want to make new connections, grow your business and share your message on your own terms

What they are saying

Thank you for this little pearl. For so long I’ve struggled with this ‘social’ media. Doing this course I’ve decided to take 6 months off as well.
Your tips, especially the excel sheet, are great.
My hope, as a sensitive person, is to get more on my own feet instead of taking in everyone’s stuff. I want to find out what it does to my health.

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